The Perlae Couture Story

Perlae Couture began as a passion project for three sisters and their mom. We set out to create stylish dresses for women that are incredibly comfortable to wear. It is our belief that fashion should fit and flatter the curves of a woman’s body, not try to hide them! Thus, we design all of our products to be both complementary and comfortable on women of all shapes and sizes.

Our goal is to inspire confidence in women through stylish, easy to wear fashion. We think that if you feel as good as you look, your confidence will grow, thus inspiring the Perlae Couture blog “Confidence in a Cocktail Dress”. Our blog is a reflection of our relentless desire to promote self-confidence, positivity and kindness. It features motivational messages, inspirational thoughts, commentary on women's fashion and the Perlae Couture collection. Find it at:

Each member of the Perlae Couture Team is involved in all aspects of the business. From design and manufacture to marketing and business development, we work together as a family to develop the products we offer our customers. The combination of all four perspectives is what brings us to all of our most favorite designs. We put our heart, soul and happiness into every single piece we produce and hope you love our products as much as we do!