Perlae Couture Care Scarves


Pink Lace Head Scarf



Perlae Couture Care Scarves were created to make you feel good.  They are a warm hug, a gentle touch and a pretty little piece to add to your outfit. These fancy little head scarves evolved from a life experience that has been both humbling and inspirational.  They are designed to make you feel fun, fancy and beautiful when you really need it. 


The Evolution of Perlae Couture Care Scarves

Our Mom had cancer.  It was scary.  It’s still scary.  She survived it.  She was one of the lucky ones.  We are some of the lucky ones.  We know many who have survived this scary disease and many who have not.  Aunts and great aunts, grandmothers and cousins.  Friends, acquaintances, teachers.   All different ages and circumstances.  Cancer is not selective and it does not discriminate. We, like everyone else we know, have been touched by this disease in both our private and professional lives. 

Over a year ago we met with a customer at Kreative Design who wanted us to create a custom fit dress for her.  She wanted something special to wear to a benefit dance that was being held in her honor.  She had cancer.   She was lovely – both inside and out.  She chose a beautiful black and gold dress with fancy lace detailing from our fall/winter collection.  She said it reminded her of some of the styles worn by a character in her favorite show.  So we took her measurements and got started.

When we met for her first fitting she brought her daughter with her. I could see how much she loved her mom – in so many ways I could see us in them.  It was in the gentle way she spoke to her mom, how she helped her, it was easy to see how much she cared about her.  Once the dress was properly fitted, she wanted to accessorize the dress, but didn’t know what to wear on her head.  The chemotherapy had taken her hair.  It wasn’t warm enough to go without something covering her head but the black head scarf she was wearing wasn’t fancy enough to match the dress.  I can still see her standing there in her dress as they tried to figure out what to do and then it clicked:  “I’ll make you a head scarf to match your dress – I’ll use the gold silk and cover it with the matching black lace and line it with a soft black lining to keep your head warm – it will match perfectly.”

In the year that followed this lovely woman sadly lost her battle to cancer. Our mom underwent several difficult surgeries and continues to work towards regaining a “normal” life as the effects of cancer last forever.  Throughout it all, as difficult as some days could be, she would always smile – her cup was always half full because we are the lucky ones.  When we tell her how inspiring she is she always smiles and replies that it’s been made easy because of all the people who care so much about her.  When you are going through something difficult, whether it is a battle with cancer or some other challenge in life, knowing someone cares makes the journey a little easier.  Our care scarves are our way of making you feel beautiful and loved when you need it the most.