Navy and White Polka Dot Care Scarf

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A little retro, a little modern, this Navy and White Polka Dot head scarf can be used to create many different fun looks.  This lightweight, single layer head scarf is perfect for those looking for something to wrap around their head without getting too warm.  Make yourself feel good by dressing up your head in something that's fun to wear.

We created this scarf for anyone looking to cover up their head in a fun way.  Whether you are dealing with hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, alopecia, or another illness, we think you deserve something soft and beautiful to wear.  Just looking to cover your head in general?  The generous size of this head scarf will give you what you need.   

  • Light weight, single layer (single sided) head scarf
  • Head scarf today, neck scarf tomorrow
  • 32" Square
  • Soft knit stretch fabric

Style 16 SSS 005

Made in Beautiful Canada!

$29.98 CAD - Included in your purchase is a complimentary tying instruction card.

 This scarf is tied in the "Classic Care Scarf Tie".  Click here for instructions!