Royal Blue Chiffon Head Scarf

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The rich color of our royal blue chiffon head scarf is going to make you feel beautiful every time you wear it. It's ultra light, so its easy to style in many different ways and incredibly comfortable to wear.

This sheer chiffon head wrap is going to be perfect for those days when you want to dress up without being too warm. A great fit for those dealing with hot flashes as a result of chemotherapy treatments and hormone changes, this head scarf is going to be soft and comfortable on top of your head.

Available in many great colors including: White, black, ivory, mint green, lavender purple, fuchsia, berry red, red, royal blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, coral, orange coral, pink, purple, bright blue, taupe, yellow and dove grey.

•Light weight, sheer chiffon head scarf
•Head scarf today, neck scarf tomorrow
•32" Square
•Soft polyester chiffon fabric
•Style 16 SSS 002

Made in Beautiful Canada!

$24.98 CAD - Included in your purchase is a complimentary tying instruction card.

This scarf is tied in the "Classic Care Scarf Tie".  Click here for instructions!